St. Joseph's Parish

We, The Catholic community of St. Joseph Mission, BC, are called to holiness (oneness with the Father, through Jesus Christ and with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit) and to share it with others locally and with the rest of God's children.

We are strengthened in our universal vocation as disciples of Christ by making the holy Eucharist the source and summit of our day-to-day life. We are distinct in our mission to bring the redemptive love of Christ to everyone we meet, by the way we abide in His world.

As often as we fail and succumb to our inability to love God and others the way He did, we find solace in His infinite mercy, made real especially through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Like our Blessed Mother Mary, we are steadfast in our desire to be always united with the Body of Christ, especially the poor here on earth, and eternally when he comes again.

Fr. George V Edattukaran

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Mission Statement